This is the most common reason that patients come to a Chiropractor, and is the easiest to treat, in most cases. Muscles move bones via receptors that turn the muscle on and off.  Just like the switch on the wall, once damaged, they lack the ability to fix themselves, so an injury you had as a child will still be there as an adult.  Since muscles are opposing each other, if one does not function properly, its opposing muscle will over work, this is where the pain is. All efforts to relax the over worked muscle will have little effect, as it is working normally.  Muscles are the first line of defense in any joint stability and must be addressed for proper function to get any long term results

Applied Kinesiology manual muscle testing allows us to evaluate the weak muscle, and correct it. This re-establishes normal function in the muscle complex, immediately reducing pain, increasing range of motion, and restoring optimal function.

The two most common muscle injuries that occur are the shearing type (sprain/strain), and the compaction type (jamming a joint).

Over half the patients I treat have fallen on the rear end at some time in their lives. This is a compaction, and jams the vertebrae together, sometimes all the was up into the neck. A compaction will shut off every muscle around the joint, except for one or two, these being the over working muscles, which are trying to hold the entire joint complex together by themselves. Correcting the overworking muscles through Origin and Insertion work, instantly restores normal function, the spine still needs to be adjusted though.

Compaction often happens to the feet, pelvis, and neck, but  is involved in most any type of fall.

Shearing injuries  can involve the Golgi Tendon Organs (GTO), spindle cells, Origin and Insertion, or fascia. They usually involve individual muscles.

The short answer is ..."STRESS", from a structural, chemical, emotional cause, or a combination of the three.

The long answer is.... The nervous system is designed to adapt to stress. As all stress is cumulative, the nervous system will adapt the best it can by passing the burden around the body until the body can no longer maintain balance. You tend to break down at your weakest link.


I always ask patients if they have ever had a trauma. Most will tell me "No", unless it is something like a car accident or a recent fall. Then I will ask, "So you have never fallen down? So you have never tripped on something? So you have never played any contact sport?" The answer is "Of course" because we have all experienced these things. And while they may be brushed off as next to nothing, these micro-trauma injuries can cause major imbalances many years later. If you see that each muscle is like a switch, sending in information into the nervous system, when one or more switches do not work properly, it effects the entire structure.


Diet is the single most important aspect of health of which the patient has control over, and often times, the major cause of health problems. When it comes to diet, there are two factors we must address. These are the function of the digestive system and the foods you eat. 

Realize that 200 years ago, before food processing began, there were none of the modern diseases of man. People died of trauma and infection. Foods were grown in mineral rich soil, without pesticides, and without genetic modification.

Within one year of processing of flour and sugar, which strips the vitamins and minerals, we saw the first cases of polio (Vienna 1840, one year after the first roller mill was set up), heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The public was misled by the food processors to believe that natural foods were unhealthy, such as raw milk, butter, and lard, while telling people that synthetic fats and processed foods, were healthy.

This was done with the help of the AMA, which new that processed foods caused disease, and would create more business for the medical industry.

Today, all wheat, corn, rice, and soy, are genetically modified. Animal studies show them all to be destructive to health and survival of the species. Chemical sweeteners and flavor enhancers are in everything we eat and drink, and all are toxic to the nervous system and tissues of the body. Milk is processed, making it a dead food, which is poisoned by hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and even dirt.  Trans-fats (all commercial yellow cooking oils) cause heart disease, gallbladder, and cholesterol problems.

Now, because these processed foods make up 90% of the average diet, is there any question as to the cause of disease?


Your digestive system evolved over time to assimilate vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, water, and complex carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables. This is a system designed to take in whole foods, break them down, transport the nutrients, then re-assemble them.

Processing is what they call, "cutting out the middle-man". But this system cannot use foods efficiently when they are processed, let alone survive on them for an indefinite period. All animal studies on processed foods inevitably lead to the extinction of the species being studied, not only through disease, but by the inability to reproduce.

If you don't use it, you will lose it. Don't eat good fats and proteins, stomach function will shut down, and without stomach function, how long do you think you can survive? Don't eat good fats and I guarantee you will lose your gallbladder.

Keep eating all these processed foods and chemical additives and I guarantee you will have digestive and sleep problems. I guarantee you will become obese, you will have diabetes, cholesterol problems, heart disease, and cancer. I guarantee that  your children will have poorer health, as each generation gets worse and worse.

Change before you have to! By the time you have diagnosed health problems, you have had deficiencies for many years, which require many years of proper nutrition to correct.

Slipped Disc & Sciatica

A slipped disc is a common misdiagnosis by medical doctors. Discs can be injured by a high impact trauma, they can become swollen (usually due to poor diet and an ICV problem), the disc can become degenerated or calcified (also dietary ), effected by emotional stress, or a combination of all three sides of the triad of health. If you can walk in my office, chances are you do not have a "slipped" disc.

A true disc problem presents with constant pain, inability to stand or walk, loss of bowel and bladder control, and is a medical emergency. Sciatic problems are usually due to problems in the piriformis muscle, in which the sciatic nerve passes through.

Degeneration with calcification can irritate the nerves as they exit the foramen between the vertebae. This too can be a surgical case  if it causes stenosis to the point that there is constant pain.

Now nerve pain is quite different from muscle pain.  Nerve pain is sharp, lightning like, or electrical, and will be felt the entire length of an extremity, to the fingers and toes. Anyone who has hit their "funny bone" knows what this feels like. Nerve pain can also be numb and tingly , but again will effect the whole extremity.

Muscle pain can be deep, nagging, aching, spastic, throbbing, burning, or twitching.  Pain is more localized to a specific area, and can be pinpionted by the patient.

As a disc injury involves trauma in many cases, there can be both muscle pain and nerve pain symptoms.  Muscles, being the first line of defense in joint stability, must be addressed for proper function. Discs that are not diet related are treated manually  with either AK disc techniques, or chiropractic adjustments, or both.

In the absence of Trauma, poor diet is the number one cause of many problems, specifically sudden low back pain. Even though most patients feel they have a good diet, most have been misled through the media that processed foods are healthy. Not only do they have poor food habits, over many years, digestive function is compromised, usually beginning with poor stomach function. Stress activates the sympathetic system, your "fight or flight" system, opposite the parasympathetic system, your "rest and digest" system.

80% if digestion occurs in the stomach, where HCL breaks down protein. As a person ages, they produce less HCL and cannot break down protein effectively. This causes food to rot, and the acids of putrefaction (sulfuric acid) causes indigestion after a meal. Many people with stomach upset after a meal take an alkalizing agent like TUMS, which neutralizes the acid, effectively shutting off stomach function and compounding the issue.

If food cannot be digested completely, it cannot be absorbed and utilized. This can lead to plaques covering the intestinal villi, large protein molecules crossing the gut barrier (food sensitivities), malabsorption, and toxic bowel.

At he junction between the Small Intestine and the Large Intestine, there is a one way valve called the Ileo-cecal valve, close to the appendix. Its function is to keep the food in the small intestine (closed), opening to let the waste into the Large Intestines, and prevent the waste from backing up. This valve is under both mechanical and neurological control, but problems from poor digestion will cause the valve to either remain open, remain closed, or open and close at the wrong time.

If waste cannot be eliminated from the bowels, it will put the burden on the other organs of elimination, i.e., kidney, lungs, skin. The innate wisdom of the body will attempt to correct the toxicity by diluting it with water, and patients become bloated with edema in the tissues, first in the abdomen, then extremities. This will effect lymphatic function, which is the sewer system that is effected by muscle movement. Patients will often toss and turn at night as the body attempts to flush the system with movement, and they generally feel worse in the morning, but better after they get up and move around.

As all stress is cumulative, we are stuck in sympathetic overdrive, and many of us cannot rest or digest. How well can a person function if they cannot digest, absorb and eliminate properly? Not very well, of course, but you would be surprised at just how long a person can function with this problem before they actually seek any type of help. 

We call the ICV "The Great Mimic" because it can cause so many problems, specifically, sudden low back pain (due to swelling in the disc), tinnitus (ringing in the ears is diagnostic for ICV), shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, and more. 

Correction is done by first adjusting the body, resetting the valve, and evaluating nutritional need. Then we have to get stomach function back to normal, this is done with adjusting, stress reduction techniques, and supplementing with a fermented vinegar, such as Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, but any fermented brand will do. Some patients have resorted to medicine in an attempt to solve the problem, only to make the issue worse. ACV may cause distress to these patients and they will require other digestive enzymes with their meals.

Since the stomach digests protein, and the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas digest protein and fats primarily, and completely, in a properly functioning digestive system, this is what patients can eat. Whole meats, natural fats, and water are allowed. All else is restricted for two weeks.

No fiber of any kind is allowed! Yes, fruits and vegetables are good for you, but not if you are clogged up. Fiber from grains, however, are not good for you at all, even though you have been told so for many years. Humans lack the enzyme cellulase to digest cellulose, found in most grains. In fact, most all diseases of the digestive system can be directly linked to grains and all products made from grains. (see book section)

No stimulants! Along with caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, patients cannot have any spices or spicy foods, no condiments (msg and aspartame are neurological poisons). 

Water, distilled preferred, is the only liquid the body requires. Teas, juices, coffee, sodas, and milk, are not water and act to push water out of the body. Half the patients that walk through my door are full of water yet dehydrated because they drink everything except water.

Doing the diet this way works! I have seen patients lose 80 kilos in a few months, and all their symptoms disappear completely. Sleep improves, and energy levels increase. After the two weeks, they can have fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. 

Now, you can get unbelievable results from eating properly, but guess what happens? As soon as people get out of pain, and lose a few pounds and start to feel better, they think that they can return to their old crappy diet of processed foods, trans fats, chemical additives, sugary snacks and drinks, and by some miracle remain healthy. But I guarantee their problems will return!

Eating right is a lifestyle choice, and a good habit. Nutrition from whole foods is what the foundation of health is built upon, and you cannot get nutrients (i.e, vitamins, minerals) from processed foods or man made supplements, and you cannot utilize them without optimal digestive function.

Blood Pressure is a sign, not a symptom, and certainly not a disease. So why are so many people on BP medication? Because it is profitable. Medicine has its place in emergency care, where they can save your life. But there is nothing they can do other than give drugs or surgery, so they have no business treating healthy people.  The only way they can treat healthy people, is by making them sick, or convincing them that they may get sick in the future if they do not take drugs the rest of their natural lives.

You cannot have a drug deficiency, and anyone over 50 knows that there was no disease when they were young. No one had BP problems, Diabetes, Heart disease, or took medications for them.

BP, weather it is high or low, always has a cause, as does every thing that happens in the body. There could be a liver problem, a heart problem, a lung problem, a nerve problem, a vertebral problem, a nutritional problem, a cranial problem (which is usually the case), or a vascular problem.  Do you think medical doctors check any of those things? Of course not. They are told, if the number is high, give this drug. That is the extent of most doctors medical knowledge. These medications dilate the arteries, making them bigger, causing a decrease in pressure.  This causes pressure problems with blood pooling in the abdomen and extremities, heart enlargement, lymphatic drainage problems, and many other "side effects".

When it comes to the body, whenever something is high, something else is usually low, or out of balance.  With BP, cranial motion has a direct effect on blood pressure as a person breathes. Problems that effect the cranial bones (i.e., dural torque, TMJ, cranial faults) will often cause high BP.  Also, some patients naturally have a high BP, which is normal for them. Chiropractic adjustments have been know to reduce BP in the office for over 100 years.

The Temporal Mandibular Joint, or TMJ,  is another major cause of disfunction anywhere in the body. The muscles that move the jaw are the temporalis, masseter, internal and external pterygoids, with some involvement of the hyoid muscles.

These muscles attach into the skull and have a direct effect on cranial motion. Since all your nerves come out of the foremen (holes) in the base of the skull can effect both musculo-skeletal and visceral function.

Causes of TMJ can be too much stress from the emotional side (work, home, family, money), direct trauma, tooth subluxation and missing teeth,  long dental procedures, even nutritional deficiency. Because the TMJ has a direct connection to the cranium, it can be effected by cervical problems, dural torque, pelvic and foot problems.

Dentists will often complicate this problem by grinding down the teeth, or using splints or other apparatus which can lock the problem in further. Ocassionally, we will correct the TMJ and then need to have the teeth built back up on the involved side, or plates and dentures may need to be re-fitted, but only in sever cases.

Signs of TMJ are clenching the jaw, bruxing (grinding),popping, clicking, or locking. Tight muscles and tired jaws while eating are a sure sign of TMJ imbalance. A good home screen for TMJ is to stand in front of a mirror and open and close the mouth slowly. The jaw will deviate to the weak side .

Correction involves muscle correction, cranial and cervical adjustments.

TMJ Imbalance


What is the cause of the problem?

Blood Pressure

Ileo-Cecal Valve (ICV) Syndrome